About the Doulas

Brenda Baylis

Certified Doula

Brenda Baylis is a partner and co-owner of Doulas of Boston. She is a certified Doula with continuing education in postpartum services.

Brenda has a passion and is trained in acupressure, guided relaxation techniques, meditation practices and breathing techniques. She is certified in Reiki I and II, with Advanced Training in Reiki Jin Keido. Certified in yin yoga and is a licensed esthetician. She owns A Time for You Wellness, Wakefield, MA.

For the past 20 years, she has dedicated her time to practicing yoga and meditation, and to pursuing spiritual teachings.  She enjoys sharing those teachings through workshops, programs, and in individual private sessions.

Her deep knowledge of life experience, alongside continuing education in spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being, allows her to hold space for others and have a great understanding, compassion, clarity, and groundedness for oneself and others, through mindful support in present communication.

Having such love and compassion for all life, and being a mother herself, Brenda understands the great value and deep connection of family.  She devotes her caring, nurturing energy to the well-being of all.

Cynthia Gaudino

Certified Doula

Cynthia Gaudino was blessed with her one and only child, Mia, at the age of 38 and was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom.

During her pregnancy, she read many books on childbirth and enjoyed every moment of her pregnancy. With all she learned, she decided natural childbirth would be her first choice.

A few weeks before her due date, Cynthia felt a strong urge to request an ultrasound, something her OB/GYN thought was not necessary, but she persisted. The results of the ultrasound showed her baby was in breech position. Not giving up hope for a natural birth, she tried holistic methods to turn her baby naturally. Cynthia continued to read books about birthing, learning more about the fascinating process of natural childbirth, and the seeds of her career as a Doula were planted.

Cynthia’s passion to help mothers-to-be with the support needed for their most desired birth led her to become a Certified Doula. She has trained in comfort measures such as breathing and relaxing techniques. She takes pride in her passion for holding space and a true connection with mothers-to-be and their growing families.

Cynthia is also a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. She loves the simple things in life and loves the chance to be with her friends and family, especially being “Auntie Cindy” to her eighteen nieces and nephew’s, believing that an aunt is the second mother of the family.