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Prenatal & Delivery

Every mom-to-be and partner will come with different conditions, expectations, emotions and questions. We will hold space and meet the mom-to-be and her partner right where they are. Our policy is to have open communications from our initial and birth preparation meetings, to prenatal doctor’s visits, and through the labor and delivery.


  • We meet on a personal level to discuss a verbal or written birth plan regarding her desired birth.
  • We’ll talk about different methods of communication and their value and importance along the process.
  • We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hospital intervention.


During our initial interview, we will determine how many many times you will be seeing your doctor and which appointment(s) would be most beneficial for us to accompany you.

  • While we do not approach your doctor with questions ourselves, we do offer questions you can present to your doctor during the the visit. We can help support you with concerns and questions such as:
  • Can I pre-register before my due date to make a smooth transition when I come into the hospital for labor and delivery?
  • What is the hospital’s protocol for natural birth or inductions? Can we go over this?
  • Am I able to have you monitor my baby’s heart rate without physical restriction using a Doppler instead of an external and internal monitor? What are the differences?

We will also discuss the overall health of the mother-to-be and baby.


These instructional meetings will create confidence and a sense of empowerment that mother and partner can experience during their journey of labor and delivery. We will teach you successful methods to prepare you for naturally birthing your baby through techniques such as:

  • We’ll guide, nurture, and teach moms-to-be comfort measures for their desired birth.
  • Different positions that support the rhythm of the body including movement on the birthing ball.  These movement helps to gently shift and open the pelvis allowing the baby to move down the birth canal.
  • We will use rhythmic music which creates a relaxed body and meditative state.
  • We will guide, teach, practice breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • We will discuss applying and using acupressure, essential oiled and massage techniques during labor which will support the body in its natural state.
  • We teach positive encouragement and open communication as a way to elevate a mom’s participation in her child’s birth.

We are by the side of the mother-to-be throughout the entire birthing process and its four stages — from the start of contractions (waves) through the recovery of mom and baby.

The first stage of labor, which spans three phases — latent (early), active, and transition. The second stage, which is pushing and delivery of baby, has similar phases as the first stage. The third stage is the delivery of the placenta. The fourth and final stage is recovery and stabilization of mom and baby.

We will be guiding and supporting in the 3 R’s:

  • Relaxation: Swaying, rocking, massage, and comforting touch.
  • Rhythm:   Breathing, moaning, chanting, tapping, stroking, singing, and rhythmically choosing words that resonate for you.
  • Ritual: Repetition of a meaningful, rhythmic activity during contractions waves. This is your go-to practice.

During our prenatal meetings, we will determine your needs. During labor and delivery, we take the practices and adjust them to the space you are in emotionally and physically, with compassionate nurturing guidance.

A la Carte Services

Other options and services can be added to your plan for a nominal fee per service. These would include:

  • Additional meetings
  • Additional prenatal appointments with your doctor
  • Reiki treatments* before, during, and after pregnancy!

The holistic practice of Reiki is non-invasive but can be very powerful and supportive for all, especially the mom-to-be and unborn precious child. Deeply affecting the subtle body and creating a felt-sense of inner peace overall between mom-to-be an unborn child.

This ancient practice helps to support one’s overall optimal health. Treatments allow the body to rest in a deep calmness, which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (deeper relaxation nervous system). This helps to ensure better circulation which balances energy levels, eliminates toxins, and supports a clear, grounded emotional, mental, and spiritual sense of self… Empowering!

Some examples of symptoms which are positively affected by Reiki treatments include:

  • high blood pressure
  • emotional disruptions
  • stress and anxiety
  • tiredness
  • physical pain
  • morning sickness

Brenda has been certified in Reiki I, II and advanced training and would be happy to talk with you about any of these symptoms and the benefits of Reiki treatments during or after pregnancy.  Please call her at 781-307-1605 to  inquire or set up an appointment.