We are grateful for the kind words people are sharing about us.
Here is a bit of what people are saying about the Doulas of Boston.

Brenda and Cynthia are wonderful. My daughter was having her third child and decided to have a doula to help guide her. They were so helpful every step of the way. With Brenda and Cynthia helping my daughter I was able to focus my attention on my beautiful new grandbaby and I felt confident my daughter was in great hands. Brenda was such a calming voice and they were so in tune my daughters needs, even when she didn’t know what she needed. I feel as a mother, a grandmother, and also a nurse that Brenda and Cynthia were a perfect choice!!


If there were one word to describe my experience with Brenda and Cynthia, it would be “life-changing” – not only because I had the most beautiful birth with this absolutely amazing support team, who left the doctors in awe as to how synchronized we were (to the point where they had absolutely nothing to do in the room), but also because I had the pleasure of meeting two of the most wonderful people whose friendship I will hope to hold onto for a lifetime.

Brenda and Cynthia are a fantastic, diligent team, and would dispel any and all fear, worry, or misunderstanding that I had. After just a few weeks of working together, I found myself so comfortable, so at ease with my “natural” childbirth that I was actually looking forward to the day!

Thank you so much for all your careful research, lovely meetups, helpful suggestions and stories, friendly follow-ups, doctors appointments attended, ear-lending, and time spent.


I had a wonderful experience with Brenda and Cynthia as my doulas. They are kind, compassionate and very nurturing! They are so passionate with their job. I was very much into my pregnancy when I met them and wasn’t very sure what a doula was and what they do. With just a few visits they taught me alot! From breathing techniques, how to use a birthing ball, natural birthing positions, natural remedies, relaxation oils and best of all massage and acupressure points.

So on the day I went into labor I had no idea I was in active labor until the pains started to get more intense and consistent. I thought maybe they were Braxton Hicks, so I wasn’t sure but when I called the hospital they said it sounded like Braxton Hicks. From all the sessions and talks I had with the Doulas, I used the breathing techniques, birthing ball, and all the different positions they showed me to try to make myself as comfortable as possible.

I was in labor at home for 5 hours then got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go to the hospital. Once I arrived at the hospital I was already 7 centimeters dilated!! I was shocked because I did not think I was in active labor.

Seemed like everyone came to the hospital so fast and Cynthia and Brenda had come to my rescue. They comforted me with wonderful encouraging words and massaged and applied acupressure with wonderful smelling oils. I was definitely relieved once they came into that room. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Once my baby girl Marianna Ellen Woodbury came into this world at 7lb 4oz at 10:31pm. I was in another world. Just me and my baby!


I have known Cindy Etheridge Gaudino for about a year now and I have to say I feel I’ve known her all my life. She is such a kind, understanding and sweet person. She has a beautiful way of keeping you calm when you are stressed or anxious about something.

She’s so helpful when you need something, she will just reach out and will be there for you. Cindy is a very caring, lovely person and has a way of knowing how to make you feel so special and much better about yourself in spite of whatever may have made you feel sad or anxious.

I always feel wonderful after talking to her. I truly feel so lucky that I have a friend that’s there for me!


As I found myself facing unexpected life challenges, Brenda has proven herself to be an integral part of my Healthcare Team. She adapts her holistic practices in Reiki, breathwork and guided meditation to provide the individualized attention and nurturing I need to heal and grow. Brenda brings a divine, calming presence as she willing shares her wisdom and kindness during treatment sessions. She demonstrates sincere empathy and compassion which has given me the support I need to heal my mind, body, and spirit.


When Cynthia told me she wanted to be a Doula, I knew immediately it was something she was meant to do. Cynthia is an attentive, loving and nurturing person to all who know her. Cynthia still has close friendships from when she was a very young girl, and I am one of those friends. In an age of high-tech advancements,

Cynthia has remained grounded with her love of cooking, drawing and decorating a home to feel welcoming. Her house is always open to her daughters friends who have a great respect for her and often ask her advice. If there was one quality that Cynthia shines through on, it’s her ability to connect on an emotional level in the hopes to find a way to help.

I am confident any expectant mother that chooses Cynthia and Brenda as there Doulas will be content with their choosing in natural childbirth.


Brenda is a gifted natural healer. Through Reiki, meditation, and her keen ability to truly tap into her client’s feelings and energy, she can help relax the emotional and physical body as well as clear any stuck energy. In the presence of Brenda, I always feel a natural calm and sense of wholeness. She has been a guiding light in my most difficult times.


Brenda is spiritual, loving, and kind. She understands and teaches the body and mind connection. She will always say she herself is a student and on this journey with us, not judging.

Brenda had helped guide me through the most turbulent time in my life, helping to see and feel the beauty in myself and that spirit is always there. She has the ability to keep you grounded and in the present, when your feet want to fly away.

She naturally uses her vast knowledge of touch, smells and guided meditation to help calm the body and mind.


My family has had the good fortune to become close to Brenda over the last thirteen years.

In our eyes, Brenda is an angel on earth. Her warm, kind, intuitive nature provides us great strength and nurturing. Brenda has a calm, reassuring presence in times of chaos. There are few people about which I can say that I trust my life. Brenda is one of those people.

God bless her.