Doulas of Boston is centered in the heart of the most prestigious hospitals and birthing centers in Massachusetts. We offer certified birthing assistance and are trained to guide you through natural birthing techniques. Our services are designed to provide mothers and their families emotional and physical support before, during, and after birth.


If there were one word to describe my experience with Brenda and Cynthia, it would be “life-changing” – not only because I had the most beautiful birth with this absolutely amazing support team,

I had a wonderful experience with Brenda and Cynthia as my doulas. They are kind, compassionate and very nurturing! They are so passionate about their job.

When Cynthia told me she wanted to be a Doula, I knew immediately it was something she was meant to do.

Brenda is spiritual, loving, and kind. She understands and teaches the body and mind connection.

The journey of a mother and her unborn child is unspoken. Calmed by the sound of her heartbeat as she walks, her baby is rocked gently and the sound of her voice plays like a lullaby.

The gift of life should be gently unwrapped using peaceful breaths, graceful body movements, and the gentle heartbeat between a mother and her child.

During pregnancy, we will support your emotional and physical needs and in birth, we will guide you using effective calming techniques, while supporting that unspoken connection as you move together for a more peaceful birth.